DRaS innovations undertake many projects associated with Defence by collaborating with MSME and Startups. These projects are facilitated to strengthen the ongoing indigenisation program of the Government of India under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. With the kind of expertise available with DRaS innovations, we can understand and comprehend the requirements of defence and maritime-related projects and employ suitable firms/enterprises for timely execution. The developmental cost of both hardware and software systems in India is very low compare to the other developed and developing nations since the skilled manpower is available in plenty. DRaSi handholds the MSMEs/ Startups for the successful implementation of projects associated with Defence, Aerospace, Maritime, Security and Disaster Recovery.

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Why we are focused on Defence, Aerospace and Maritime?

The defence manufacturing sector is set for a major leap in the coming years view changes in Exim policies associated with defence equipment, platforms and armaments. The Government of India (GOI) has decided to stop all major defence imports in another four years. Concurrently, GOI has set an export target for the defence sector at 5 billion dollars by the year 2025. India has spent almost 80 billion dollars in the last 15 years on defence.

India is the fifth largest spender on defence in the world. The aircraft and drones manufacturing sector of India is on the verge of a major expansion in the next 10 years. Indian can take lead in developing air-borne systems. Aerospace, Defence parks, Defence MSME clusters and Defence Corridors are changing the ecosystem. View many policy decisions, there exists a huge gap between defence and industry in the country. The industry needs to catch up with emerging defence technologies to remain ahead of the curve, military technology needs up-gradation and integration with IR 4.0. There is a need to explore the possibilities of AI in Military applications. “Those who rule the seas rule the world” – added impetus for Maritime Security and so for Blue Economy. DRaSi Projects is created to fill the gap between defence, academia and industry by facilitating defence projects in an advisory capacity as a freelance consultant.