DRaSi Learning Systems

A Defence, Aerospace and Maritime ‘Edtech’ Enterprise

DRaS i has started focussing on imparting curriculums on emerging defence technologies and maritime security at Universities and Academia

The topics currently focussed are given below

Artificial Intelligence in Military application

Future Conflicts and Technology Warfare

Maritime Technology and Blue Economy

Maritime Industrial Revolution 4.0

Maritime Laws

Military Aircraft and Systems

Ship Power Generation and Propulsion Systems

Shipborne Sensors and Weapons Systems

Military System Integration and Data Networks

C4I (Command Control, Communications, Computers and intelligence)

Under Water Drones/ Underwater Unmanned Vehicles 

Onboard Aircraft Avionics Systems

Drones, Military Drones and Applications

Anti-drone Systems

Aero Engines and Controls

Smart Weapons and Ammunitions

Finite Element Analysis (FEA/FEM)

Resource Persons

Commodore Naresh Kumar, VSM (Rtd, IN)

Cdr Sravan Kumar Khuntia (Retd, IN)

Dr Kenneth Sunil Mukherjee

Dr Vijay Sakhuja

Cdr (Dr) Jayakrishnan N Nair (Retd, IN)

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